Right now, I weigh 82,2 kg(180 lbs). I'm 170 cm or 5' 7" tall. That means I have to lose well over 20 lbs, but I'd like it to be more.

This is a dilemma for me. I've gained 35 lbs since I first started taking the birth control pill a little over a year ago. I also don't get much exercise anymore. The thing is, however, that I've gained the weight in the right proportions. I now have large breasts and wide hips. I don't really look overweight, but I know I am. My weight doesn't usually bother me right now, but I know that if I don't start exercising, in a few years it probably will.

So I went and got a gym membership today. I don't mind exercising a lot. I have the time for it and I look forward to getting back in shape. I do, however, have a HUGE problem with dieting.

I like food, I'm not going to lie about that. I love cheese, chocolate, ice cream, Italian food, hamburgers and everything sweet. I absolutely cannot stand anything that's sour. I can't stand tea without sugar. I can't stand yoghurt. I can't stand sour fruits such as oranges, mandarins, etc. And I refuse to go hungry. I refuse to never eat good but unhealthy food again. I refuse to eat like some kind of rodent like my father did when he was losing weight. And I absolutely refuse to skip meals.

It's not like I eat that much. I don't. It's just that I want to be able to eat chocolate or pizza every now and then, even though I know that not giving these things up means it'll take me longer to lose the weight. Seriously, I don't mind going to the gym every day. I'll happily do that. But I do mind going hungry or never eating anything good again. 

I also think it's very important that I can accept myself the way I am now. I know that it's better for my health not to be so heavy, but I have the tendency to have obsessions, and I don't want my weight to become one. I know I'm chubby, but I am curvy. My boyfriend loves it, and I'm trying to like it too, even though I am trying to lose some weight. I know how many people ruin their own lives by developing eating disorders and things like that, so I try to remind myself that there are more important things than my weight.

In the mean time, I'll just exercise as much as possible. It should make a difference.
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Thanks for the advice, everyone :) We'll see how it works out.

My friend,<br />
<br />
You sound like a spirited individual. I too love all sorts of food and refuse to give up the good stuff.<br />
<br />
Try this for starters:<br />
<br />
You say you refuse to skip meals and give up some of your comfort foods. Well that's excellent that you are eating at least three standard meals a day. Try this however. Instead of eating just three meals a day try eating six.<br />
<br />
This will help you feel like you're full (which you will be) and then also it will help your body in other ways.<br />
<br />
Exercise is good too and so is drinking water.<br />
<br />
If you would like more suggestions or help please feel free to contact me at my email as I would be more than happy to help you.

You could also try using slightly smaller plates,bowls etc so you can still eat what you like but have smaller portions,enjoy exercise but don't think about weight ,if your ment to be slightly over weight and cuddly then go with it,healthy = fitness not wieght loss.

Take it one day at a time. True change is slow, but long lasting. It's ok to enjoy food, just take less and eat slow. Drink water before any other drink. Believe it or not just walking, fast and hard, 30 minutes a day will help change you...we all need to walk someplace, choose to walk and don't think of it as exercising, think of it as self-improving. Enjoy!