The Struggle

I've been over weight for most of my adult life... no back track.. ALL of my adult life.  I've gone from diet to diet to no avail.  I know what my biggest problem is... I like food.  Most of it anyway.  I have cut the sodium because of high blood pressure.  I've started eating whole grain breads and pastas.  I eat loads of veggies and fruits.  I don't drink sodas or put sugar in my drinks.  I eat lean meats, mostly chicken breasts.  My down fall?  Even stuff that's good for you can pack one with pounds if the portions are too large. 

I am trying though.  My husband (who does NOT have a weight problem) thinks I'm crazy, but I've started measuring everything.

I had to put a halt to exercising for a while.  I suspected I had arthritis but one morning I woke up and couldn't bend my knee at all.  After talking to a specialist it was confirmed that I do have arthiris.  I'm finally to a point where I can actually move again.  So hopefully I can get back into a good work out and I can start taking off the weight.  Well we shall see won't we.

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1 Response Apr 5, 2008

excellent to here your plan. I too am married and the wife I married is not the same size she was but thank goodness it is not about size is it. Her entire family is morbidly obese, so there is little real support there. Years ago I mentioned something that to me was quite simple. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will loose weight. needless to say my head rolled. I guess thanks giving was not the time to note this. well, long story short, she has had a gastric Y bypass which , oddly enough, focusses on a forced reduction in calories, and has a sugar rejection side effect.<br />
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Now their advice at the clinic was simple. Eat several small meals a day, no sugar at all(fuctose,sucrose is all over), ice cold water (has negative calories rather than zero), exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day and it does not have to be all at once. <br />
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now about the excercise. Would recommend swimming. It uses many muscle groups and it non shocking to the body so there is very little wear and tear. It is a real bummer that your knee is athritic. Start seeking holistic help here as well. I am sure the Chinese have something for it (they treat swells with Kelp, and it works)<br />
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Lastly, I would start talking with some skinny chinese girls(in china). They go to a very strict regiment to stay thin. There is a ton of pressure to do so as the culture values thin. You know those divers on the olympic diver team? they are very fat to them. lol. You are on the road to success I do think with this plan. Just remember, the road is bumpy, and very very long. Your body will have several natural platueas and even rises. Respect this and embrace it as it is a milestone, not a wall.<br />
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