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My last post about losing weight was on 24 October 2011. Since then I've lost some more weight totaling 19.8 lbs (since I started to lose weight). Within the last month, I attempted to get my measurements. If I did it right, then I've lost an inch in my bust, 2.5 inches at the natural waist, and 1/2 an inch at the hip bone. I still have a ways to go before I am within the normal weight range (22.2 lbs to go). To reach my goal weight, I have 30 lbs to go. Basically, I am trying to get my weight down to 128 lbs and a minimum of 120 lbs. I'm only 5"0' with the biggest part of my fat sitting in/on the abdomen region. Yes, I have a little extra fat distributed all over my body but I would say that 95% to 98% is on the abdomen.

I, of course, have attempted to figure out what my body type/shape is. This is difficult because of my height...but depending on what you read, I have the banana shape (rectangular). But I've been told by a tailor that making a dress for me would be really easy because I have an hourglass figure. I can kind of see it but then again...I can't. My measurements keep telling me the banana shape. Oh well. I know that I have curves and have recently discovered that guys notice it...even though I still have a ways to go.
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No other women can be more beautiful thinner or bigger than you. As long you feel look good and healthy from within you will feel less density. While your monitoring your bp threshold your pineal gland will tell the thyroid to release dopomine (offensive|defensive mech) thinker |runner can do self diagnostic and think in the pass and try to re-create choices in nature the body will go on auto drive and choose to eat better foods supplemental to physical activity balance and more wisdom in a person(mind body soul).<br />
If on a regiment may I suggest a style with (+)(-) contraction muscle technique. The (+) contraction when you curl for power and strength (body builder pyshique more wieght less reps) The (-) contraction when you realease (aerobic physique less weight more reps) they can be easily re-created into you cardio routine

well done hikerchick and also abigguy4u your weight is coming off and at a pace that it will probably stay off as you change your way of life good luck to future and hope you get to your goals.

Hiker....excellent job. I started my weight loss last Nov. (2010) and I am now down 60 pounds.<br />
Of course I did it the hardway, a heart attack on Nov. 3rd 2010. I then injured my back on Nov 5th.<br />
So I am trying a double comeback."Lose weight " the Dr.'s all said. So I am now at a gym 5 days a week. Mostly pool exercises for my sore back, but I am graduating to the weights and strength training. I am no where near 60 minutes cardio. About 20 to 25 minutes is all I can do right now.<br />
I am on heart medicine that regulates the heart beat, so I cannot get it above 90 bpm.

That is awesome that you are losing weight. Yeah...when I first started on the elliptical I couldn't have that much resistance, but I was still going for about 45 minutes to an hr...stopping for a few seconds to drink water. I've been increasing the resistance, still going for an hr. I try to get my heart rate up to about 170 and then slow down to a slow jog (~3.5 mph) to bring my heart rate down to ~153. I have the elliptical set on the random setting so that there are ups and downs (like going hiking).

Go Hikerchick!