Shame, Ridicule, And Inspiraton A Reflection Of My Struggle With Childhood Obeisty Some 12 Years Ago

I wish you all the best in your journey to lose weight. In my opinion social media would be a good encouragement to keep to your goals and may inspire other people who are not as open and brave as yourself to follow your steps in achieving there personal goal. I know from personally from my own experience, the effects of being overweight not only have adverse affects on health but also negative effects on mind and body as well. I hope you have many people around you everyday to support and encourage you. Being positive through the most negative of times may be the hardest step in moving forward.

I remember being in grade 3 being the target of every fat joke under the sun. I remember my most noted reply was ,"well so what I'm fat I can lose the weight but you’re always gonna be ugly" Not realizing it than, but now I can see that being "ugly" has nothing to do with looks. Being said I credit that people who picked on me for my encouragement to loose weight. Negative feedback is arguably the greatest known motivator to man. If we have no haters we're left to our own, often quite low, motive to inspire change. For it is only human nature to strive to prove the common ideal wrong when the answer is achievable through no more than determination and hard work.

It' my theory that obesity is becoming the norm and is more generally accepted as a part of society, comparable in etiquette already in place as the blind or handicapped experience. Our society as a whole highly disgraces people who make fun of the physically or mentally disabled and in my opinion through mass society acceptance obesity is sliding ever so close to the same level of etiquette already in place for unpreventable disabilities and diseases affecting us today. Not to say bullying/teasing isn’t visible towards obesity it still does very much exist but is not as everyday hard hitting as it was say 10- 15 years ago to which in turn creating no push or determination for kids to change.

Obesity doesn’t just happen overnight and the relating lifestyle is often set in “stone” at a young age (9-13 years) when one is most deceptable to develop patterns of seaking out food as the source of provide immediate self-gratification during uneasy times, patterns to which carries on throughout one’s life. Only after this set in stone way of life is broken down and total new lifestyle is adapted and accepted can one truly conquer obesity and move forward without the constant over-hanging fear of relapse. In order for a diet plan with incorporated physical régime to be truly successful in combating obesity one most first approach the battle from the inside. If we can agree upon the statement, the Body, Mind and Spirit work together in harmony, than it is very easy come to the conclusion, “all the dieting and exercise as good as may be will do nothing but win a battle but the war will forever continue”.
With peace comes Harmony through body, mind, and sprit.


Not that I encourage bullying or teasing as what I experienced firsthand some 12 years ago and the everyday harassment that goes along with it which I felt not only by peers but also in a less abrasive but equally if more damaging from teachers and adults in my life partially my father to whom never directly, but in his eye’s while I sat an admired his vast collection of sport attributed fame and as he told me the story behind each of his of medallions and trophy’s, even at young age a vibe of disapproval was not hard to miss. Or the countless nights crying myself to sleep wishing I was skinny like everyone else…
It was Hard times for any visible minority growing up in small town considering I as the biggest of the “fat kid” in my school of 200. But looking back now it made me a strong person I would like to personally thank everyone who made my life a living hell day in and day out through brutal constant harassment, But to remain positive I prefer to call encouragement and I believe some people pay for this type of treatment today to which I got provided free or charge and will for that matter but wouldn’t change it for the world. Without that pain and hard times I truly believe I would still be in that same hopeless position. Just something to think about if you’re currently the target of this form of discrimination, toughen up turn that negative aspect into positive results.
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Jan 10, 2012