Lost Weight Found Energy Got Healthy

I never believe in diets because I was a football player and I ran track, so I thought I could always run the weight off and maybe I could have but due to the time I had in a day it just wasn't happening so I had more time to eat and  less time to run and before I knew it I had  this stomach plus I would fall asleep any and every where to tie my shoes became a work out because I had to take a break when I was done one day I had a pain in my stomach that kept me out of work for more then three days the doctor never told me what it was now I do know most diets may work but I wanted to lose weight and be healthy june 2010 when I found this product that I'm taking now the first thing I notice was my energy I was not sleeping everywhere after two weeks I had lost 15 lbs six months later I have lost 45 lbs so I'm here to tell you this work so if you are serious and want to lose weight I'm here for you.
Jan 26, 2012