Stubborn 8lbs

I am considered a healthy weight. I am 121 lbs and 5'6 tall. For me though I have actually gained weight! I can't speak to anyone about this as they'd think I'm crazy. Oh except one nasty guy said I have flabby legs from behind!! Actually most girls, even skinny ones have a little cellulite. I really want to lose just about 8lbs but it seems so difficult. My social life is far too active which means eating out and alcohol, plus I live in the city so I am always buying lunch. Even a game of golf ends in a few cocktails! I do go for healthier options but still...some days I eat a lot of crap. I eat a lot of rice (asian foods) and energy drinks. Oh and I LOVE chocolate, middle-eastern sweets and dim sum.

Argh! Anyone else have this?
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6 Responses Feb 25, 2012

Tell them all to kiss your ***. I think you are beautiful.

Start sprint running , like between two trees for 20 min , 5 times a week . <br />
Although for results you will have to wait for few months.

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Have you heard of the e84 challenge? It's a program that will help you lose weight, get your energy back and speed up your metabolism.

Maybe you should tone down on the parties!

Yeah I have started weight training again! I used to be so dedicated, 5 times a week cardio boxing and weights. What happened? It's summer here, and I gain weight in the summer, parties.