Fat!!!!...but Very Pretty!!!

Hi my name is Tonya I am 39 and very cute .....I am a very outgoing person who loves conversation and friends I have a horrible time with my weight.....I ache all over and hurt when i lay down on one side to much i need to get it off....

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Hey, I have something that may help your progress!<br />
Please have a look at the site below, and contact me if you would like more information! Its been working great for me :) I was 214, I am now 174!!<br />
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http://tashalucas.myvi.net<br />
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good luck!!

just think positive,<br />
<br />
keep yourself active by doing something in your spare time.<br />
<br />
CUT THE SUGAR/SALT in the food you eat.<br />
order a salt free meal and add little before you eat.<br />
<br />
drink natural juices and avoid concentrates they are full of sugar.<br />
<br />
if you can afford buy from your drug store a detoxification treatment and it will clean your large intestine from bad acids they build up and clog the walls with bad feeling.<br />
<br />
try a simple habit drink a glass of water every morning before you brush your teeth...before you brush your teeth,<br />
<br />
let me know how you feel,, the bottom line is your fat puts a big load on your heart.<br />
<br />
its like a car filled with a big big load but a small engine so change your food habits..

Aloha!! Yes i must agree with the other two above about the Body by Vi Health Meal Shake. It really works cause not only I use it but so does my boyfriend and my 12 year old daughter who is also struggling to lose the weight. She was 257lbs but after being on the shake for 1 1/2 months she is now 243lb . She struggles because is a teen growing but not in a good way. The shake helps feel your day with the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to give you a healthy balance. It also comes with other products to help boost your metabolism so you can burn fat faster and gain more energy and positive attitude towards your self esteem. We both myself and her father joined her because its easier to do something especially this big together then by yourself so we both joined the program too.I lost over 30lbs in 1/12 months and down 4 sizes. Her father lost over 40lbs in the same amount of time and down 6 sizes. We all feel great with lots and lots of energy to do things we never had the energy for like walk 4 to 5 miles every other day..with some cardio videos in between. So please if you have time check out their sites or mines www.jodys1.myvi.net and let us or me know what you think and what you liked about the product itself. Please sign any of our guest books who ever you decide to go through and leave your message and your goal and then we'll or i will follow up with you ..mahalo

Hi Tonya! How are you? I hope all is well. My name is claudette and I completely understand how you may be feeling. My daughter has asthema and takes steroids as a result of her medication it has caused her to gain a tremendous amount of weight. Her father's side suffers from obesity and I know this is a very touchy subject, but needs to be addressed and I commend you for taking the stand in doing so. We too found Bodybyvi.This is the #1 leading health, wellness and fitness company in North America. The products are glunt and lactoce Free kosher certified and diabetic friendly. Your going to need support in this fight to lose the weight and reach your goal. I am running a contest to purchase the product for people FOR FREE and this is to help you get started. I would love to come over my Vi family and I or you come to us and we have you sample the different shakes and the products tastes Great! the cookies are good as well. Also to show you how you can recieve these products for FREE and we all like FREE. Please visit my website @ http:// dreamteamvon.myvi.net or phone me @ 386) 627-6840. I look forward to working closely wth you. I feel strongly about the products although everyone is different, but together we can work closely to help you in this challenge. I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon. :)

Hello,<br />
<br />
I wanted to share something with you that could help save your life. I am a college wrestler and weight loss is part of what I do for my sport. I came across this product and I gave it a shot and I lost 25 lbs so easy! I just started my mom on it 2 weeks ago and she has already lost 4 inches and 15 lbs. The product is called Boresha Coffee and it is life changing. A woman I met through this company changed her life by just drinking coffee. Her name is Erin and she lost 80 lbs just by drinking coffee and tea. At one time she wanted to end her life now she is healthy and living again. All of our products are designed specifically by Dr Ann De Wees Allen who wanted to formulate a product specifically that was diabetic friendly. If you are the least bit skeptical I urge you to listen to Erin's story on Youtube I will include the link below. Please don't hesitate to email me at Jmartin3873@gmail.com.<br />
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Thank you and God bless! <br />
<br />

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Hello Tonya,<br />
I have had similar issues. I was about 30 lbs over weight and it was affecting my knees and back so bad that I had to come home every day and use a heating pad on my back so it would help some what on just being about to do the basic things around the house. I do not believe in diets and diet pills since they are not helping you get the nutritions that you need to help lose weight or to help your body! I can honestly say that I am down over 15lbs and 10 inches and my wife is down 12lbs and over 30 inches and we feel better then we ever had. My wife would come home after work and go straight to the couch because she felt so over weight and she just felt bad about herself. I know that we still have more weight to lose but for about 30-day so far our results are not bad! We have started using a meal replacement and like I said we have never felt better. I do not know if this would help you but it has us! <br />
If you would like more info go to mikebarrett.bodybyvi.com or carmiabarrett.bodybyvi.com <br />
Good luck and dont give up!!