When Love Gets Too Far..in A Good And Bad Way

my first year in university, i was soo fat,wasnt planning to fall in love,wasnt even looking.diddnt care about relationships..then one day this very handsome,sweet talking guy just called me 'beautiful' i knew he meant it,could see it in his eyes,time went by,i would search for him everyday and he would give me a very tight hug,i fell inlove with him...but i discovered he had a girlfriend,very slim one.that didnt stop him from calling me with all the sweet words and hugs would be public.i started avoiding certain foods,i lost a great deal of weight,all i could think of was maybe if i became slimmer he would love me even more...but i were wrong,i never qualified and the hugs,he liked giving them to any other girls he liked...up until now,i may tell myself i hate him but i dont,it makes me cry sometimes,he is working now,dont know where.but anyway,il remember him as someone who helped me lose a few kilos without knowing
candylindz candylindz
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012