Trying To Lose Weight....again!

Hi my name is Katie, I am almost 19 and I am struggling to lose weight. I am only 5'3 and I weight 235 lbs. I have been on and off diets for a long time, but I can never seem to stick to any of them, I just keep telling myself "why even try because you're never going to be successful." And then I get depressed about my body image and the whole proccess starts. I get a lot of will power and start working out and eating right, and then I miss a day and get dissapointed in myself and stop everything im doing. Its hard being the "fat" friend, but I don't know where to start to fix that. I'm not asking for a perfect body, I just want to feel good and be healthy.
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Cut out carbohydrates from your diet. The only carbs you should even have in your diet are from vegetables. Sugar, White bread (which is just sugar), Soda, Pasta, Starchy veges like potatoes are a no no.<br />
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This is how bodybuilders get so thin they call it "Keto."

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My body would absolutely scream at me, it tried everything to tell me that I was going to die if I didn't eat. It wanted so many more calories than I was allowing it, by eating healthier. <br />
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I would make sure to tell myself, I was doing this for me, not for anyone else. <br />
If I slipped and ate a bit more than I should have one day, I'd just work out a little bit longer the next day.<br />
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If you get your heart rate up, your body will continue to burn calories.<br />
<br />
I applaud you for being able to get started with a work out plan and some sort of way to eat healthier. That within itself, can be the biggest step. <br />
<br />
Once a routine kicks in and you see some results, it may become easier for you to stick with it.<br />
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I've been where you are.<br />
I'm 5'6 and I was up to 280 pounds.<br />
I didn't even really have a "work out regimen". <br />
I was so out of shape, I'd just start walking, short distances at first and then more and more and more.<br />
<br />
Good luck.

Your right, I feel like I should start out small. i think the most important part for me is to not stop once i mess up a little, its such a challange!

Oh, it sure is.
Massive test of will power, that's for certain.

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