Lose Weight With "whole Body Vibrations" Fast!

Hey guys! my name is Luis, I am 20 years old and I would like to share my fat loss story! growing up I was always the heavy kid , and I always tried different ways to try and lose weight. I tried it all , diet pills , sports , muai thai , dieting and even trying to go days without eating. I 'd be lying if I said that these methods didn't help me lose a lot of weight, but the problem I had was keeping it off ! you see , I enjoy eating drinking alcohol at the clubs ,pizza on friday nights , popcorn at the movies and going to bbq 's on hot days. I also got a job working as a paralegal and found it difficult to find time to excercise. About a year ago I lost my job and found a job at the mall selling these state of the art fitness/medical devices that use "whole body vibrations " and lost 7 pounds in two weeks by just doing two 10 minute sesseions on this machine everyday ! the reason is because these vibrations travel through your body and involuntarilly contract your muscles , thus giving you an accelerated workout in which you feel like the machines do the work for you! 10 mins on this machine = 1 hour at the gym! sounds too good to be true right ? well , this machine is actually FDA approved and is NASA technology ! research has been done on this machine by over 30 Universities and countless doctors and is used by many celebrities today ! (including Madonna! P.Diddy! Lebron James!) reasearch shows that among other benefits , this machine helps you tone and firm , increase your metabolism , increase your bone density and erase back and neck pain ! feel free to check out the website at zaazstudios.com or if you live in the bay area and would like to recieve more info on this incredible device FREE and get a FREE demo feel free to contact me at luisacuchi97@gmail.com!
luisacuchi luisacuchi
18-21, M
May 21, 2012