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A Problem

I am twenty four and i am so unhappy with my body i know what to do and how to lose the weight but it doesn't work i feel that starving myself is the only way
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NO please don't do that i am a Nutrionist and a Personal Trainer When you start you self you send you body into shock which can be harmful to you in the long run i help people reach their goal everyday. Here is a system that i put all of my clients on please take a look it can't hurt i know for a fact this works and it as a great and fun way to get that body back.<br />

There are two easy ways to lose weight which will 100% always work. <br />
<br />
1. eat less than you normally do. <br />
Literally having the same diet as you do now but instead of drinking 10 cokes a day you drink 8 will add up to weigh loss over time. Obviously if you want to lose more than like pound a month cut more calories out.<br />
<br />
2. Be more active.<br />
Again you can have the exact same life as you do now only you add super tiny things to do that will all add up to burning more calories in a day. Easy things could just be drinking more water a day so you have to get up to pee more often. Water is good and the getting up and walking to the bathroom adds up to more calories burnt. just like number 1 if you want to burn more pounds you become even more active. <br />
<br />
It's really not rocket science. If you want to become ripped like a fitness model than you will have to really focus on diet and counting things, but for a normal person you eat less than normal and be more active than normal and you will lose weight. Consistency is key tho. Can't do this for a week than off a week and expect the pounds to fly off.

HEYYY!! starving yourself is not the only way. I have joined a 90 Day health challenge about 90 days ago and I was 310 pounds. 90 days later I am 284 pounds. That means 26 pounds down on a challenge that is cheap, fun and growing. Visit this website for more information and achieve those goals because everyone can if they put hard work into their system. Website -