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I am twenty four and i am so unhappy with my body i know what to do and how to lose the weight but it doesn't work i feel that starving myself is the only way
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2012

NO please don't do that i am a Nutrionist and a Personal Trainer When you start you self you send you body into shock which can be harmful to you in the long run i help people reach their goal everyday. Here is a system that i put all of my clients on please take a look it can't hurt i know for a fact this works and it as a great and fun way to get that body back.<br />

HEYYY!! starving yourself is not the only way. I have joined a 90 Day health challenge about 90 days ago and I was 310 pounds. 90 days later I am 284 pounds. That means 26 pounds down on a challenge that is cheap, fun and growing. Visit this website for more information and achieve those goals because everyone can if they put hard work into their system. Website - msamuel.myvi.net