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Teen Looking For Some Help

Hi my name is Megan im 17 and i am trying to lose weight. i dont like talking about my weight because i always feel people are judging me by it. like when i meet someone the first thing i think they see is a "fat girl". this has really hurt me when trying to make friends (this year i moved to a new school) i hate eating with other people around because i feel the are watching everything i eat. i weigh 230 lbs. i started gain weight when my parents got divorced. i dont really know how to lose weight because i am afraid to tell anyone im trying...or ask for help. its like i dont want people to know i dont like how i look. i have lost some weight in the past few months but that was because i got really sick one time and didnt eat for 3 days. i just want some help for people who are in the same boat as me. i hope this site will help me with that.

micmegan micmegan 18-21, F 144 Responses Jun 16, 2008

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Dont really Ignore excessive body weight because it invites serious health issues.
We understand that you dont like exercise & dieting ( In fact No one likes).
Thats why we invented a great program for weight loss called "MBCC" program. It helps to lose weight absolutely without any exercise & dieting. Keep enjoying your loving food items & dont go for any physical exercise but you will lose weight very effectively. Though it seems to be unbelievable but its fact.
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I just started drinking Weight Loss Coffee and it taste delicious!

hey i have a great product that i know can help you. Its called bode and chris and Heidi Powell from extreme weight loss edition created it. I hope we can get in contact soon so i can help you get where you want to be. Check it out at

I am in my 20's weight 179 when I was 165 a few months ago. Last year i was at 185 & thats when I opened my eyes & realized I needed to do something about it. I enrolled in Golds Gym with a few friends went down to 162 in about 2 months started eating healthier. I do not like the word DIET matter of fact hate it. I simply change the way I eat & only allow myself to eat fast food or junk food on the weekend like once or twice. I believe clean eating is Key. Extremely simple veggies are a must as well as chicken,turkey & fish. I make life simple such as cereal,yogurt, or oatmeal for breakfast. A soup, salad or sandwich for lunch & either chicken, turkey or fish with a side of veggies on the side. For snacks small portions of fruit or almonds. No more soda or juice only water sometimes tea. Well good luck! I know you can do it. I am slowly but surely getting back to my 5 days a week gym time & clean eating.

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Hi! I'm looking for someone with kik to lose weight with. I'm 14 and I weight 250 pounds. I really need help from a friend. In "real life" my mom and best friend are helping me but I need more encouragement. My kik is elizabethford332.

hi do you have Skype?? maybe you can add me there grace.panes1 I need a buddy too for dieting

Im the same im trying but cant i had kik you

Hey Elizabeth my name is Mitch. I wanna help you lose weight and i have a great product and system that you might be interested in. You can look it up its called bode, and it was created by chris and Heidi Powell from extreme weight loss edition. check it out at hopefully we can get in contact soon :)

Hey Elizabeth my name is Mitch. I wanna help you lose weight and i have a great product and system that you might be interested in. You can look it up its called bode, and it was created by chris and Heidi Powell from extreme weight loss edition. check it out at hopefully we can get in contact soon :)

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Hey Megan! I'm 14 and I have the same problem, I'm 230 pounds and im 5'5 and I am working like crazy to get my weight off and I need someone to talk to also. This website has helped me open up about my weight, my dad went through the same thing and he is helping me with this, if you want to you can message me or something. I will do all that I can to help you and ill tell you what I'm doing and maybe you could do it with me if that would help you! :) ill do anything to help! Have a good one,

Hi megan i have a great product that you might be interested in. It was created by Chris and Heidi Powell from extreme weight loss edition. I personally know hundreds of people that have got great results from this. Im not trying to sell you anything i just wanna help and you maybe have never heard of this. you can check it out at i hope we can get in touch soon so i can help you if you want :)

Hi Megan,

I'm on a my weight loss journey at the moment so completely understand you. I have 2 kids, and have already lost quite a bit of weight, within 2 weeks. Check out this link:

This is the program I am using at the moment and 100% works!! :)

Have you found the diet that works for you yet?

Hi everyone,

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Hi Megan,
If you would like to have an e-mail listener and someone who understands, e-mail, I will respond.

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online

Im 14 and im trying to get fit and lean, i understand what you mean.

Hello Megan

I have a scientifically proven diet for you to try it absolutely worked for me, I have always struggled with my weight but since I started this diet I fill amazing and I only wish to share the diets with others

Walk an hour in the morning and the same at night. Do 2 to 3 sets of sit ups after walking in the morning with both feet flat on the floor. Eat whatever you want. Don't feel shy about it.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the Advocare products before or not but they're pretty awesome. All weight loss products work better when you work out too but these are specially designed so that it's not required, just watching what you eat and adding a few extra things into your day. I'm only on day 6 of a 24 day program but I've lost 3 pounds already and it's not a starve yourself diet! I encourage you to check it out for yourself if you're at all curious and do some research. I did my own research before I started and found out that I knew several people that were/had used it and found nothing bad about it online or by word of mouth. Check it out and let me know what you think!<br />
<br />

Hello Megan, i have the answer for you, first i wanna tell you, you should wanna lose weight for your health purposes but as far as people judging you, dont worry about that because most people that make fun of others struggles are people that have an insecurity about themselves. By my pic you can see i workout alot but i also know fitness"safe fitness". To know you are serious, send a message to my facebook page its and ill respond, be blessed,

Hi I wanna say I think you are a very pretty girl and I was fat too and all my friend's was wack me but now I have a perfect body I lose alot of weight with a very easy way and wethout any diet or effort I just read a book ya a book <br />
that's book give me alot of ideas <br />
and if you are interesting about that book take a look in that site and read what people say about that book and he is very cheap and he gonna help you alot tha is the site <br />
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Hey, I have something that may help your progress!<br />
Please have a look at the site below, and contact me if you would like more information! Its been working great for me :) I was 214, I am now 174!!<br />
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good luck!!

Hey megan! Im 22 and weigh 125 lbs. When i was 16 i weighed 245. I was so embarrassed abot m weight i decided to go on a diet. Well, not really a diet-i starved myself! I gained 15 lbs within 5 days of starving myself!!! I was devastated. I got help from my school counselor and choose a healthier diet including lots of fruits, vegies, whole-grain breads, and lean or smaller portians of meat. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months after I began my new diet. Then I started walking 30 minutes a day after my healthy dinner, I then lost nearly 25 lbs in the next three weeks! After keeping up with this simple diet for 6 months strait-i decided to weigh myself! 155! WOO! HOO! Ive kep up with this diet and added 15 minutes of jogging daily, and now Im 125, and 21 years old!!:) lets see what my classmates say at our first reunuin!!

I love this!

I had alot of issues losing weight after I had my son and i ate alot not cause i was hungry but because it tastes good and i wound up eating alot and i tried to do alot of stuff so i didn't have to exercise cause i didn't want to but when i started to exercise and cut out soda i noticed a serious difference and i felt better about myself but not only that my body felt better. i had more energy and for once i couldn't wait for summer. I recommend the exercise routine i did. if you have netflix look up Burn and Firm Pilates.

go to o/a meetings 12 step recovery amazing

Go to . is Fun and helps you to count your calories intake plus is free and is like facebook, you can have online friends who are trying to loose weight too.

PLZ CALL ME 9949017248

Just curious, how is the weight going?

I lost 20LBs using Herbalife. Since I was young I always had this fatique problem all the way to my adulthood. When I got to college, my problem got worse. Because of stress, I started to get backpain. My doctor gave me pain medication and B12 vitamin shot every month. B13 helped a little, but the pain med gave me ulcer. Thank God Herbalife was there for me. The first three days, I felt there was a significant difference in my energy level. After a week, my ulcer was gone. After two weeks I lost 20 lbs. I've never felt better. It really changed my life. YOU CAN VISIT HERE for MORE INFO!!! IT WILL WORK OUT FOR YOU!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Hi Megan! Sweetheart I am not here to judge you, but wreither to help. This is a very touching situation and it has to and needs to be addressed. You like so many others I've tried to reach out to on here,not jus to try and sell you something, but I truly have a pssion for helping others. When I graduated high school I took up nursing becuz I love giving back and helping others. So I appreciate you taking a stand with this becuz when you know better, you do better. Don't beat yourself up over this. We all have flaws Honey, I don't know what you see from your picture I see a beautiful young lady, with beautiful hair and I'm sure your that beautiful both inside and out. So I'm a director with this company called Visalus or Bodybyvi and it is the #1 leading health, wellness,and fitness company in North America. My children's teacher got me involved. This is the shake mix that tastes like cake mix. You put some ice, frozen fruit, almond milk and this mix in a blender and you have a smoothie or shake. Cool huh? It's gluent, lactose free kosher certified and good, so are the cookies. I'm doing something where I'm trying to purchase the product to get ppl started for free. do you think you can have your mom, dad or some1 you trust that's an adult to visit my websit @http:// or you or them phone me @ 386)627-6840 so that I can show you how to get these products for FREE? FREE tastes better than anything I've ever tasted lol how bout you? :) I look forward to helping your family in assisting you, you've got to tell some1 so you can began to get the help you deserve and need, Good luck Doll. ;)

Darling, I bet your metabolism is slowed down.<br />
You are teenager now, the hormones are working at max.<br />
If you have been depressed probably that's what made you gain weight or just the metabolism. Anyway there are 3 options available:<br />
<br />
- 1. Jogging, Sports - I bet you don't like any of them, don't worry just walking is fine.<br />
- 2. Balanced Diet (you have to chew more slowly, oh and drink more water)<br />
- 3. Xenical Tablets and if they are not working for you - Adderall. These are with presc<x>ription only and are the last chance, if you don't want surgery. I have good experience with Xenical.