I Just Want To Help Those Who Not Only Need But Also Want It!!

I just wanted to say that I have read so many success stories that has made me cry and happy, and this is why I do what I do I use to work in the medical field till one day some one approached me with Body By Vi (ViSalus) I joined in after I researched it and all its ingredients and how it really worked. I was amazed by the results from real people I saw and spoke to, so the point of this mesg is to let people out there that want help and are tired of FAKE GIMMICS that Body By Vi (ViSalus) really can help change your life. But I'm not here to advertise I just would like to help all those who want it so just check it out at larubia31.myvi.net and see for your self the changes in people just like you. Thank you for taken the time to read this mesg and good luck to all.
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31-35, F
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Home decoration of a sort - painting murals. At the moment I am practicing different styles and that is a good relaxing practice in my schedule.

That is completly understandable. What kind of business would you like to open? saving is always the first start of motivation toward your long term goals.

Any where from 31 and up. Which really isn't that bad, I just honestly can't afford to have extra spending right now, as I am also trying to put money toward opening a business. But we'll see. Hopefully soon every thing will start working together and I can make that step.

Yes Vi has done and continues to do tremendous things to help others. Vi has changed mine and my familes life in so many ways. I know minimum wage isnt much and you cant afford much on it,but if you dont mind me asking what have you been told price wise that will bring you into the Vi Family??

I have 6 friends who JUST started the Vi challenge, two of them are now consultants. They give it rave reviews and say that it boosts their energy as well as metabolism. I would love to eventually get into the program, but start up fees and all that make it a bit impossible for me at the time. Minimum wage makes it hard to afford any luxuries over what is necessary to live. Hehe. Hopefully Vi has really made something that will help turn around the obesity epidemic that has it the world (the US nation has really got it bad). I hope to start a weekly walk group that walks the parks in the town I live near and all that. Anything to help people get back into shape. :D

Just wanted to say thanku for sharing your story,Im happy that you have been off your pain meds and your blood pressure that is wonderful to hear. And please stay in touch let me know how you are doen and if you know any one who needs the help send them my way together we can fight bad health and obesity.

I just thought that I'd add to your message and say that I've been on this program for about 3 weeks.. I'm now 15lbs lighter and I no longer am on ANY of my narcotic pain medication I've been on for 9 years and I'm completely off my blood pressure meds. This is the real deal. For any of you out there who are looking to loose weight.. or even just want to be healthier.. this is definitely worth looking into.. What do you have to loose except unwanted pounds and bad health?