I keep saying "tomorrow."

"I'll work out tomorrow."

"I'll eat better tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is another day."

"One day won't make a difference, I'll start again tomorrow."

Truth is, tomorrow never comes. It's all about today and what you're going to do with it. I would love to get a buddy, someone that's trying to do the same thing, and honestly...I would prefer to text back and forth. That's what I would really like to have. What would really help me remember that TODAY is the day that matters. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow means nothing. Neither does yesterday. Yesterday is not a reason to blow off today, in favor of tomorrow and a "clean start." I watch shows that inspire me and read magazines that give me pointers. I get myself fired up and I get other people on board with me...but...tomorrow is so tempting.

If you're always looking to the future to justify the blinders of today and want to be text buddies for weight loss or whatever goal you may have...let me know!
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I just started drinking Weight Loss Coffee and it taste delicious!

It is so much easier to say tomorrow or I will start monday. Then tomorrow or monday comes and it doesn't happen. And then you keep repeating it for the next time. I think that this may help and has helped myself and many others I know but have you looked into Body By Vi?? I was introduced to it and it has changed my life. I suffered from hashimoto's thyroiditis for 9 years and went from a very active lifestyle to gaining 80lbs in 2 months. This has given me my life back and you don't even have to workout. This is the only thing that has taken me off my meds after years of doctors trying to figure out what meds might work. I have dropped over 15lbs in 3 weeks. I drink 2 shakes a day and it has changed my life. It has less than 1 gram of sugar. The shakes are less that $2. You refer 3 friends and you can get your product for free. If you are interested in learning more check out my website and either opt in there or message me.

It was the best decision my husband and I have made. He uses it to gain weight and I use it to lose weight.

Good Luck

Omg you have written my thoughts exactly..

i do the same thing all the time ... get excited about losing weight go out and buy all kinds of things to help lose weight and then put it off until tomorrow. I think I am going to change that today