Nutrition Is Number 1!!

I’m emailing you because I know you guys have a keen interest in your health and the active lifestyle. I recently had the opportunity to join a great movement and company. I’m sure you guys have heard of Herbalife who has been around for 32yrs. Well they are making a comeback and have even created a Sports Nutritional Program for individuals who may be pro, collegiate or HS athletes but is still also tailor made for us who are simply active and want to be in the greatest shapes of our lives. You guys KNOW me, I don’t BS, nor do I preach any information or ideas that I don’t truly believe in myself. I’ve always been knowledgeable about the health world including nutrition and exercise but I have come to realize that we don’t know everything and sometimes we need help in achieving our goals. So with all that said, I want to let you guys know that I am now a distributor and Health Coach for Herbalife and want to help you guys better your health and lives as you see fit. Please know I am not trying to sell anything for the sake of making a few extra dollars, I really love helping people achieve their goals and becoming happy! When you have some time, please take a look at their website and products and let me know if you’re possibly interested (We also have recommended programs which give you an idea of the products you should use together). FYI, I just bought the products too, so know I am definitely practicing what I preach.
RyanMiguel RyanMiguel
Sep 19, 2012