Enough Is Enough

I'm ired of this! I get on the scale and it's down two pounds, then it's up one then down one then up three.  I know, a persons weight can fluctuate a great deal from day to day.. but enough already.  Fluctuate is one thing, but this is going nowhere.

I have been eating healthy, eating less, and doing without all the goodies I love so much, but still my weight just stays the same.  I'm about to do a self liposuction with a kitchen knife and a shop-vac!

Okay, maybe not quite to that extreme, but close.  I put on weight do to back problems and then developing a problem with my leg.  I couldn't do diddle-e-squat, and the weight started to creep up on me.

Then, in getting my leg taken care of, I was on medication that made me put more weight on... Ahhhhhh!

It's not that I'm huge, but it's way too much.  I have always been a bit on the heavy side, but this is ridiculous.  It all went right to my mid section, the worst place to carry extra weight.

Well, over time, I took of a fair amount and things were going good.  I know enough to realize that it's going to take some time to get my weight back down.  As I said, I have been eating healthy, and getting a fair amount of exercise.  My leg is doing much better and they have my back feeling better than it has at least ten years.

I was in therapy for the back thing, and it seemed like after I was released, the weight just held steady.  So, today I took a big step and joined a health club.  I hope this gets things moving again, or I will dig out that shop-vac...

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8 Responses Jul 17, 2008

A kitchen knife is sharpest

Well, the kitchen knives are sharpest, and if I used the upright, my wife would kick my @ss. Thanks for commenting

A kitchen knife and shopvac? That's gruesome! And...funny.

Thanks for the support

It'll get better. Just keep at it alright. Don't give up you seem to be doing a good job.

I hear ya... I was determined to lose 15 pounds this summer by running, and the first week I was home from college I sprained my ankle. Now it seems impossible to get into the habit. It's so frustrating!

thaks for posting and the well wishes

Good luck!