Trynna Lose Weight In A Hurry

I need to drop about 20 lbs in a month. Want to fit back into my old uniforms. Tired of the extra in the middle. I'm going to start biking to work instead of driving and additionally working out everyday without fail. Anyone think I can't do it? I'm going to prove you wrong.
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

How are you doing on this? how much have you lost so far, we're at the 1/2 way point of the month.....

Thanks for asking. It's difficult to tell, because I can't find scales anywhere, but I I am thinner. Im trying to find a place to weigh in. If I do, I will let you know.

Good luck doing that around the holidays with all the party food, fella, and during cold weather. Biking may prove a bit tough. I think 20 lbs is unrealistic. I found the perfect forfeit when you lose this wager. A shot of you with your Spiderman undies for my tumblr.

It's only a wager if I get something from you when I win. Then and if, you're on!

If you lose the 20 in one month's time - as verified by camming for me with a scale at the start and finish - I shall bake and send you a box of your favourite cookies.

Ha, cookies. Just the thing I'm trying to rid myself of. I'm carrying around a couple packs on my person.

In that case, I shall promise not to tempt you with any of my homemade cookies. They are scrumptious, though.

Fine. It will be added determination.

Indeed. Because otherwise, those cookies are coming your way. And they will be irresistible, let me assure you. :-)

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