Very Frustrated.

I have been between 175-270 pounds in the past few years... I have completely changed my diet to organic, changed my lifestyle to being more active, and I seem to bee 100% stuck at 180. I am 5'7', and I've been trying to simply get down to 155 pounds, which is a very healthy weight for a girl my height. I have no interest in being thin, but I would like to be healthy, and while I eat healthy, and live healthy I am stuck. I know this is a common thing, but I've tried mixing up my exercise routine, switched from cardio to weights, and then combined them, took up hiking and some mountain climbing... I have been avoiding doing anything like diet pills or fad diets, instead going for a whole life change, but why is this not working? My boyfriend is really upset, he has been helping me along the way with my lifestyle changes, and we cook healthy meals together and work out, and he keeps telling me I must be "cheating", but I'm honestly not... I've been making these changes since before I met him, (I'm a huge fan of self improvement). I spend time researching the benefits of certain foods, and everyone calls me a health nut... but I look foolish because I'm still overweight... Does anyone know what I can do other than picking up different exercise routines? Because honestly, I have and it doesn't make the changes... It's like my body just wants to be this weight :(
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I like schatt's advice. That's the way to go!

Hey, I think I understand your pain. I have been there. Well, there are really two reasons people hit the plateau. One - they usually start eating frequently and then eventually eat more calories than they burn. Second - they don't eat enough, so the body tries to hold on to the fat. My advice to you is that first and foremost don't worry too much; it can really consume your entire life. It seems like what you are doing is really fine. You just need to tune your diet. Good exercise will never compensate for a bad diet. So I suggest you go to a nutritionist and create a healthy meal plan. And if you want to try different exercise routines, get a personal trainer at your local gym. Talk to them about your problem, and I am sure it will work out. Remember, don't spend too much time worrying. I had the same problem. It just takes some time. Good luck!

Thanks :) That actually helps... I've been eating a lot less, perhaps that could be a big issue here, I will seek out a nutritionist. Great advice, thanks!

I work out every day of the week in some way,Hot yoga every second day for the breathing benefits, and a hardcore weight and cardio routine every other day. I don't count calories, but I've cut out most meats, only eat organic, and no flour or sugar. I try to keep hydrated, drinking a lot of water and tea every day, and I also have been more active in stepping out of my comfort zone and doing 3 day hikes and camping out on the mountain outside of where I live with my fella.

I'm also a pear, but I have a very big chest as well, which sometimes can impede how well I can do in an intensive hot yoga strength class... Perhaps I should get a better sports bra? Ach... I don't know how to push my body any farther without having to quit working and just work out ALL the time... It's so stressful, because I think my boyfriend kind of started dating me because he knew I was taking this new healthy lifestyle seriously, and I think he figured I'd be a "hot" girl eventually... when in reality, I've kind of hit this stage, I enjoy my work outs more, am sick less often and feel better... but it's not paying off in the body image sense... grrr!

I try to change it every few months or so, I think my stress levels have been a bit higher as of late... does stress alone prevent someone from losing weight? Is that possible? Gah!