I Was Blessed With The 90 Day Challenge!

My name is Patrick, and I've been trying to lose weight for a long time! I've tried the diets, exercise, p90x, just about everything you could think of and nothing was working...one day a friend of mine posted some pictures on her facebook showing how she had lost 36lbs in 90 days. Immediately i was in shock because i knew this girl, and she had been overweight for a while. I messaged her and asked her what she did, and she told me about the 90 day challenge. She had me watch this overview video and I was blown away...there were superstars doing this with regular people and getting real results! I saw Hulk Hogan, Alfonso Ribeiro (from fresh prince), Justin Timberlake and sooo many others who were actually doing this! As much as it excited me, it also made me second think it for a minute. Was this another scam like lose weight quick yada yada yada?!? So i watched the rest of it and called her back. She asked how I liked the video, and I told her i still had some questions. She said no problem and we had a three way call with another guy. His name was Ryan and he definitely put me at ease! To make a long story short, I started October 27th 2012 and i was 217lbs. Its December 15th, 12 days away from my 90 days, and I'm now 194lbs!!! Not only that, but NONE of my clothes fit anymore!!! I wear a medium in shirts and probably a 34 or 32 in pants because my 36 do not fit right. I have NEVER been a medium in shirts!!! I wanted to share this because i just want people to know that its possible and this 90 day challenge thing really does work! It's soooooo easy and its not like anything you've ever done before! I've met so many great people that do this, and they are such a great support! Its more like a movement because you feel like you're a part of something that is bigger than you! It's people cheering others on and helping them to achieve their goals...like a weight loss family lol! Anyways, if you are struggling, or just wanna chat about ways to get rid of the 15-20lbs that you've been struggling with, give me a shout! If i can't help or its not your cup of tea, no biggie...but i feel like EVERYONE who is trying to lose weight should know about this!!! I get excited talking with people, and it's just been something that has really changed my life! Thanks for reading my story and God bless!
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WooHoo! The challenge is AWESOME!