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i'm 38, 5'2, and weigh 355lbs. i'm trying very hard to lose weight. I feel really lonely as i am the biggest person i kno. any way this is a new yr and i am determined to lose this weight. would just like someone to talk to about this, you know, accomplishments, failures, etc. someone who can relate. I started dieting and treadmill jan 1. as of today, jan10, i am 344. any tips, advice, talk, would be appreciated
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I deleted my comment from earlier because I was wrong about the water consumption. For hydration you need to take your IDEAL weight (what you should reasonable weigh) & divide by 2.2 to figure out how many fluid ounces you should drink per day, for weight loss add an additional 16 ounces. To figure out your ideal weight just google it & weight calculators will come up.

thank you

ok, update, I started yoga on fri. still look like an idiot, but it's paying off lost another 10. I know the weightloss will slow down but i will not get discouraged. I will do it this year.

My parents are gym owners so I've been exposed to that world a lot. Honestly, working out sucks. But it doesn't have to be "work". It doesn't have to be torture.
The days that you're feeling discouraged just go for a walk or try to learn a dance on youtube something simple and fun.
Also the best way to avoid any kind of purging on your diet is to be realistic.
If you wakeup and ALL you can think of is chocolate or ice cream or some kind of food you're trying to avoid, try to eat a replacement and if that doesn't work, just eat your chocolate! if you let it build up you'll end up going overboard and feeling like crap. Dark chocolate is good for your health so maybe dark chocolate or natural ice cream or a "healthy pizza" or a fancier version of a food you miss. just eat a single portion and use it as a reward. that way you can feel good about it.
Don't be measuring yourself or weigh yourself constantly. It isn't worth it. try to pay more attention to how much energy you have and how much sleep your getting. you'll begin to feel healthier and happier. Good luck! I'm excited for you! change is a wonderful thing :)

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

im online usually mon- fri during the day. for privacy from my fam.

Very good job on starting, that is the hardest part. About a year and a half ago I started losing weight. I hit my goal but gained some weight back, I have to work at it everyday still. I am here if you need to support or someone to talk to.

thank you, for advice, i think i might try zumba, love music, love to dance.

it sounds like you are on the right track, last year i lost weight with diet and treadmill. it is hard to stay the course, but worth it. i always make sure to check the amount of calories and fat calories especially. avoiding sugar is key, the hardest part for me. lol. and lots of water. you can also try zumba if you like dancing.

also i could always work out longer and harder listening to music.

and any support system helps. so im here for you, i still have some weight to lose. and set a number to lose or weight to get to and list a reward next to it. very helpful to stay motivated.