Hi my name is Kelsie and I am 15 years old. I weigh 169 and I am 5'5 1/2. When I was a baby I was a chunky baby too but then I grew up and grew out of my chunky stage and I was thin for a while but then once I hit middle school I kept gaining weight. It didn't stop and I am still gaining. I eat so much and it not like im eating a lot of healthy food. I eat junk food all the time I literally never stop eating. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror ever day wondering "am I ever gonna lose weight" or "am why do I have to be so fat" Im tall but have big hips and a kind of stomach Im mostly wide not out but it sucks because I love wearing bikinis more than anything! I exercise sometimes but other times I'm really lazy and i'm like I have to exercise but then I don't get up so I guess im here to ask for help and what do I do?
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well you probably eat so much because you are still growing, im guessing sometimes you feel like a bottomless pit. thats pretty normal for someone your age. but you dont need to be eating junk food. bad for your health. and working out is important to burn what you do eat. you need less carbs and more protein. and maybe you can really dive into some hobbies you enjoy, just in case you might be eating cuz your bored. and if you hate working out, then put on some good music and dance around. but dont worry so much.

Are you parents involved-can they help you with making healthy eating choices. sub rice with brown rice, portion control, eating foods that will fill you up. buying healthful snacks for you to pack and bring to school. The constant feeling hungry, perhaps have a doctor check for thyroid issues?