I previously wrote a story about trying to lose weight. i started at 355 on jan. 1st. ive been walking a mile a day, doing yoga, and other spot training exercises and of course dieting.yuck. Today i am 334. Im not giving up.
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you are doing great! happy for you!

I'm not following any specific diet, I've been on so many, I'm drawing kind of from all. I've completely cut out bread, potatos, chips, etc. almost all starchy carbohydrates, which I love. Give me some french fries or a bag of chips any day other than sweets. Starting controlling my pop intake, even diet. loads of water, loads of veggies and good proteins, not givin my meat up for nothing. Just eating thinner cuts and less. Just basically trying to stay under 1200 calories. I will never tell m,yself that any food is strictly off limits though, cuz then i want it more, just work eveything into cal. intake. I also try to burn more than i take in so there is a defecit. I know my weight gain will plateu and slow down. But I think if your determined enough you can do it. I hope so, I have dealt with weight issues all my life. I just want to be in control and this is one thing, I can be in control of. Good luck on your journeys too, if you find something that works for you, I would be more than interested to hear your advice and tips.

What diet? I recently started exercising and is my 3 rd day on diet.

You lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks? That's amazing! Great job!