I Am Getting So Close To My Goal

200 POUNDS FINALY from 300 to 200 thank you i want to get to 140 my tips are no diets eat in small healthy amounts get plenty of exersize be gluten free ( but i have cealiac) i am so happy
lianawolf lianawolf
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1 Response Feb 19, 2013

I am not much of a health freak but my fiancee is, when he wants to lose some weight he goes low carb high protein and eats every two hours to help his metabolism. plus he weight lifts and runs. when i wanted to lose a few pounds i took green coffee bean extract from the vitamin section at walmart it works and you can also try raspberry keetones from the same section. Warning if you are not use to the caffeine it will disturb your sleep pattern at first, has the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee so i suggest taking it early morning.

Thank you for the amazing advise :)

You are welcome. And I forgot to mention but congratulations and keep up the good work!! Dr. Oz actually promotes both of these things...you can find it on his show or its posted on youtube also.

Oh wow :)