Starting Slow

I'm not trying to rush into a complete diet change, so I'm just starting slow. No sugar and no junk food like chips and stuff. I've given up sugar and only drink sugar free juice and water. I'm trying to eat more veggies too.

I'll make more changes later, once I get used to this no sugar thing. I think I miss the junk food most of all though. Just feels wrong not having some doritos or popcorn with my lunch. But I'll get over it! lol =P

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5 Responses Oct 25, 2008

I can relate, I finally found a program that helped me lose 45 pounds over the last 11 weeks. Check out the website, maybe it will work for you too.

I just think I need to cut out more bad things. Like bread and no fast food. It's just hard when no one else in the house is on a diet lol. If someone says "we're having take-out for dinner", I'm like "okay!". I really need to just cut out all the bad food. I think I'll wait until after the holidays though because I dont feel like starving through Thanksgiving lol. Mashed potatoes with gravy is my weakness.<br />
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I guess winter is a better time to work out though. Usually summer it's too hot to even want to move, let alone work out lol. I could probably walk for miles without breaking a sweat when it's cold like it is now. Well, on days when my legs aren't hurting =P

Don't let a few pounds get you down. You really were doing the best you could do. You walk everyday, you cut out some junk stuff that wasn't healthy for you anyways.<br />
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Going full throttle 100% never worked for me, I got wore down and sick of it very fast. Right now is a really hard time to diet.. Halloween goodies, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I will prolly gain a couple pounds after thanksgiving, I always do no matter how careful I am.<br />
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I'm really glad I stuck to my diet over the winter though, because by spring I could wear some smaller stuff. I like working out in the winter better, I don't get overly hot and sweaty.. I keep going to try and feel warm. LOL.

Well, I quit. I actually gained more weight. I'm still not drinking as many soda and haven't had any junk food yet though. I think I just got used to the routine. But I'm quitting this diet.<br />
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I think if I really want to lose weight, I need to go 100% diet change. Just cutting a few things isn't making any changes. Blah. I hate this.

I started off the same way, it's prolly the best way to make changes. If you change everything at once, it's overwhelming.. been there, done that, failed everytime.<br />
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I started out with replacing sodas with ice tea and splenda, then moved to water, then started cutting out the junk, then I started moving more somewhere in there. I slowly incorporated more veggies and replaced the empty calorie carbs with whole grain healthy stuff. Then I started in on the portion control and making sure to eat something every 3 hours. =)