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Technically I am overweight.  I am 5'9" and 170 pounds.  To be in the healthy range I need to at least get down to 160.  So far I have lost 10 pounds in a month, which is great!  I would really like to get to my goal weight of 145, but I am taking it 10 pounds at a time.  Every time I lose 10 I treat myself (not with food), for example I lost the last 2 of my first 10 this week, so this weekend I am going to go get a massage.  Doing stuff like this really motivates me, because I have a realistic goal for a month at a time, and I know if I do it, I can reward myself with something.

I am not on a diet though, I don't really believe and fad diet is good for you.  It is about lifestyle.  The first change was hard, I usually drink about a pot of coffee a day, with tons of creamer.  Although I haven't stopped drinking coffee, I no longer add anything to it, I just drink it black.  Every serving of my creamer was 45 calories!  So that automatically cut at least 300 calories a day.  I purchased a Bender Ball, and do that twice a day (morning and night) it makes me break a sweat.  I cut out chips, cookies, candy and cakes.  Although I do have a cheat day (Sunday) where I can have 1 of these things, depriving is never good.  If I want something sweet I eat a caramel rice cake or have a bowl of cinnamon raisin oatmeal (just enough sweetness and it is good for you).  I have also started eating a soy product for dinner once a week.  I made meatless stir fry the other night, with veggie strips that looked exactly like beef strips, with a whole bunch of veggies and noodles.  My husband didn't even notice it wasn't beef.  Oh, and no sodas.  Well, I can't say I don't have one once in a while, but I don't keep them in the house!  If I really want one, I have to get dressed and my daughter dressed and go out and get one, most of the time I find it isn't worth it, so I don't go.  Very helpful.  But, if I do get one, it is a diet soda and I only drink half and save the rest for the next day.  Also I eat all of my meals off of salad plates.  A regular dinner plate is huge, and usually if you have a huge plate you eat more than you should.  A salad plate is smaller and it takes less food to fill it up, but it looks like you are eating a lot.

So far it is working for me.  I just bought a pair of running shoes because I am thinking about running.  Although I have always hated running, but I know that pounds fly off once you start. 

Update:  As of 2/24/09 I weigh in at 165!  That is great.  Since the beginning of the year I have lost 15 pounds!  Now, only 20 more to go to my goal for this year.

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Thank you. I am trying really hard to be healthy about it. I have tried almost every fad diet out there and nothing seems to work in the long run. So I just figured I have to change my whole lifestyle forever, not just for 2 weeks.

It sound like you are doing this the healthy way<br />
<br />
good luck and keep up the lifestyle