Well, it's been quite some time since I started here on EP and just about as long since I've joined and written anything here.

I have lost some weight, but find it back again shortly after.  That's been the battle these last few years.  But, after the last time of regaining and not being able to do much about it except diet, it came back with an attitude.  And not only did it return, it grew.

About a year ago I underwent some medical treatment and started therapy.  I lost some, but not nearly enough and I had a terrible time keeping it off.  Therapy ended and I managed to do pretty well over the summer and fall, but then late fall it again started to climb.

Not wanting to lose what I had gained in my weight loss and my mobility, I joined an exercise club and stuck with my therapy.  This helped me to maintain my weight and my mobility, but I needed to lose weight and increase my strength and mobility.

Well, finally there is some good news.  My wife and I started our dieting afresh after the holidays.  We decided to count out calories, journal all that we eat, drink, our activities, etc...  We have not only focused on the dietary needs to lose weight, but to relearn our eating habits so that we can maintain our weight after we reach our goals.

It's working great so far.  As of this past Sunday I have lost just over twenty pounds.  I feel better, I've got more energy, and I'm very motivated to continue.  The exercising is paying off as well.  I'm rebuilding muscles, I'm regaining my flexibility, and I've surpassed my previous mobility. (I had lost some to a leg injury and back injury years ago)

I know that for many it's not just a matter of cutting back on how much you eat, what you eat, and getting more exercise, but for many it is.  Not that it's easy, mind you; it is time consuming, it requires modifying recipes, learning alternates, and going without some wonderful treats.  It is preparing more foods from scratch and turning away from conveniences like canned and prepared foods.  It also requires you to re-educate yourself in how and what you eat, what you do for activity, and it requires  little humility.

Is it worth it?  YES!

I'll try and post something again next month just to keep everyone informed, and hopefully share a bit of motivation and hope that you can succeed...

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Thank you, trudyping, I will check it out.

I have a program that helped me lose 45 pounds over the last 11 weeks. Check out the website, maybe it would work for you as well. www.fasttrack2fitness.tsfl.com

Well, congratulations!! Horray for you!! I have struggled with my weight, like forever! But I have been disgustingly fat for about 4 years now. <br />
Sometimes the "simple" approach of cutting back calories and getting more exercise is really the best. Not that it's easy, I'll definitely agree with you there!