I am doing an amazing 30 day nutritional cleanse program and wow ive lost three kilos in just two weeks and im not that big to begin with! not only have I lost weight but have loads of energy with two little ones, sleeping so much better, clearer skin and no head aches at all! I used to get head aches almost every day. I was a skeptic at first until I watched my friends to the same cleanse and come out with great results and continue with the products and lose more weight and continue to feel amazing. I am so glad I did it!!! :)
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Looking for people that want to lose weight!!!! Doing a 24 day challenge. starting 11/1/14. The winner will receive an 100% refund of challenge purchase. Don't wait to the weather gets nice to start trying to lose weight!!!! Men are invited as well. Tell a friend. Inbox me if your interested.

Congrats! It's good when you find something that works for you. Try oil pulling as well. It was so helpful when I was trying to kick some cravings and helped me lose a few extra kilos too

thankyou I am so so happy about it! I heard oil pulling is good for whitening teeth? I don't have cravings on the cleanse so all good :)