You Are Really Beautiful For A Fat Girl

You are really beautiful for a fat girl ... I categorize this as a back handed complement,though I can tell that it's not meant that way when it's said to me. Why cant I just be a beautiful girl?

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Number 1: Scrawny women are like toys from the dollar store, there is a very limited amount of play time before they break.Number 2: Anytime someone places a condition on a compliment it is no longer a compliment, it's exactly what you stated it was, an insult with the same intentions the road to hell is paved with.The only compliment you ever need is the one paid to you by the woman in the mirror. If you are unhappy with yourself then no compliment, no matter how genuine, is ever going to matter. You will become beautiful the minute you believe you are and not a second sooner. A Rubenesque woman has always been my aesthete's choice. The way society programs women to judge themselves has always been far too draconian in my opinion.

I love this...I hope you don't mind that I re post on FB

By all means. Add me while you're at it. I'll inbox you my name.


I promise I'm not stalking you. I'm simply bored and I like to hear my own voice, or read my own writing I guess? ;)

That's ok if I find something interesting I always research ....I figure I'm fairly interesting because I catch even myself off guard now and then lol

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You sound utterly gorgeous to me. X