Life Not So Bad

i was ten years old when my mom kick out off my house over her pice **** husband and my dad was a drunk who did not care so i got addicted to meth herion coke and lots of uppers and downers by time i was 18 i od on xanax bars time then that was not enough for me i try acid shrooms excaty molly and more **** till i turn 26 i destory my family and every girl that love me and lost one unborn child over that **** my job my house my car my soul i started to seek god but only found myself finally after losing everything i woke up and sought help through good people that did not look at me like a ******* reject i still hve **** pour down my throat but hey reamber this ur pretty girl with with good heart and never let noone hold u down be yourself be true to who u are because when u give in to that xanax bars **** it will take u under u have bright future someone once said that life not measure in how many breathes one take but the ones take ur breathe away hit up u ever need somone to talk to
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

that's a dark time for you to remember i guess...but if you have intention to change, i will tell you that i salute you for the intention...maybe its hard, but please do so because you are still young...i guess you are about 26-30y.o.....<br />
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