Are you confused?'s ok...take a deep breath...

It's just the reality of the situation. You can't change it, so might as well accept it. And while your at it, accept the fact that you cant win either...***rubs your back for comfort***

you see...oh here ***hands you a tissue*** just suck and i like to **** with you cause when you get mad you become someone who still sucks, dont get me wrong, but someone who sucks AND is funny to laugh at. See where I am going with this?

Its really not your fault...whats that? can you talk louder dumbass? Is it because of what your wearing? No no no no. Good grief...we arent that cruel. Shame on you. Its just that ****** up hair cut you have. It looks like you let hamsters nest in your hair last night and just look really stupid. Now need to mess with it now...we've all already seen you.

Just go on back to your cubicle now that you know this is really happening and dont worry about a thing...we will take it from here.

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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Are you sure that you quite smoking crack....I'm just saying! LOL

Wow I'm weird that dosen't **** me off it kinda turns me on. More....more

back in my cubicle.. angry at the lady who cut my hair.. obviously this is about her and not me.. and.. wow.. so confused.. sighs..

later ms. tater. lol

I was just micro-musing (or obsessing... maybe) over something (or someone... possibly), & I thought to myself that I needed further distraction because I am ever confused... Oh, & look what I found. :)

You had me right up until the back rub. But it can't be about me because I'm wearing my hair up today. ;D

Teehe! :)