Who Has The Control, Me The Reasonable Get It Done Self,or The Nicotine Addled Emotional Self.

Well heck what a title. Just trying to list a strength for my reasonable self might give you an idea how hard it is to quit such an addictive habit. I have smoked off and on for about 22 yrs.I dont think ive quit for more than 2yrs in that time period. I quit when I was pregnant and when money was tight, but I always went back.
Now I am 42yr and my my body is beginning to let me know I am aging, just in case my eyes might be blind today and i cant see a calander lol. I also deal with Bipolor type2, which means I deal more with the depression than the Mania, but I do have the mania. Why does this matter so much. When you quit smoking your brain is going to start playing little tricks on you to convince you do need at least one cig. You need to concentrate and finish the project. You just had a fight with your kid, you need to calm so you handle the situation just right. For me at times its been there is so much going on, why are you taking away your the thing that helps you calm down? My answer.. Ive gotten alot better at calming down,thinking things through. Sure somtimes Im in a heap in the middle of the bedroom floor crying my eyes out. I usualy have the phone in my hand ready to call the right person when I figure out who that it is. Then more often then not I figure out what I have to do and I do it. Anyway the past week and half have been rough for me. I have been out of money for cigs except what a friend gave me and bf gave me. Alot of my friends smoke and offer me one or two. They have finaly stopped. I told them more than once I would rather they didnt offer. And I think they are getting annoyed, they want to be nice and Im telling every one dont be nice! I could go on and on and on but wont except to say this. My resaons for quitting... Costs to much... Tired of the emotional bullcrap that comes with it.......Im getting way to many headaches. What are your reasons?List them, tell your story, doing this has helped me already, and stay strong, you would not believe the people who are out there who support you!
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its the subconsious mind that is really the one in controll it need programing! How many years have you been programing it way smoking was good or ok or I need it. Science has broved not how little controll you really have. So start programing I am a Non Smoker! I hate smoke! smoking does not help me at all.