No Longer Interested

I guess this is as good as time as any to add my story here. I am no longer interested in trying to save my marriage. My wife has been having an affair since approximately christmas time last year, decided she wanted to end our 7 year marriage to try to start a legit relationship with an ex boyfriend of hers from highschool. I was heart broken, I was broke down and I hit rock bottom. Then I Picked up the pieces and moved on. I started having fun again taking care of my daughter and spending every waking minute with her. and I was hoping my wife would see the huge mistake she made and want to reconcile.

Then I met my new girlfriend through a friend. Where my wife and I had nothing in common my girlfriend and I have everything in common. My daughter loves her just as much as I do and we have fallen in love and I couldnt have choosen a better person to be with. She makes me feel alive, she is very supportive of everything my goals, ambitions, my family she is everything I have always wanted in a wife, in a companion hell in a great friend. She has my heart.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I noticed the lack of interest in activities we used to share. Gradually got worse and then non existant