I Give Up!

I finally give up trying to save my marriage. As much as I wanted, I can't fight the pains and emotional abuses y wife is throwing at me. I find out  her she been doing things that she don't wanted to do with me. I finally let out the pains that was buried deep within my heart. To let her know how her actions damaged my trust for her. I finally let it all out and let it all go. I hold no more grudges of her, I no longer put her as my priority. I'm no longer in love with her. She have done too much damages that I can't no longer think she is my true love. My soulmate will not hurt me like this. She is no longer my soulmate. I really thought love will conquer all. Now I know the mighty dollars is the king. Money can buy you love. It's too bad I don't have money. 

Well folks, another dreamer have fallen out of he sky. Will I ever recover? 

ptat ptat
46-50, M
5 Responses Aug 1, 2011

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Well give my time my friend, they always come back believe me
she will at your doorstep realizing how a good man she had given up, it has happen

please dont give up check this video first before you decide to divorce<br />

Of coarse you will recover. Takes time but life goes on, things like this just make us stronger. People who only look for money and stuff to make them happy aren't worth your time anyway. They have a hole in them that will never be filled, which is sad. Be thankful everyday you wake up and try to make it a day worth living, enjoy life and find your happiness.

sad part is it cann ot be done by just one person