Money & Marriage ...

We are newly married

We are so happy together

We enjoy and cherish everyday

But then this devil issue comes

Which is taking us apart

I'm saving my marriage

By saving money and controling it

By trusting and being trusted

Before our marriage breaks down

DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 11, 2011

Wish you much luck in whatever you do.

Money is the root of all evil and what had been destroying my marriage for years. I get grilled every payday about where every penny has gone from my husband. And if I can't produce the proper answer then its a huge ongoing fight for days. I don't work because of a neck injury so I bring no income in. I hate myself every day for this reason. Im not the type of person to be told what to do, I'll do the opposite. Im aware that its juvenile but after 20 years its ingrained in me. I act like a child at times but I moved out at 17, worked 3 jobs, had an apt and grraduated on time. I didn't get to be a child. I feel im regressing at times. I dont know anything else but to shut down and push everyone away, this is all I know. I feel strange when asked to "talk" about things. Its completely foreign to me. So I hear you loud and clear my friend, its nice to know im not alone, thank you