I Need Help Saving My Marriage

I married my husband nearly four years ago after only three months of dating and learning we were pregnant. Yes, the pregnancy was very unexpected, but we loved each other very much and decided marriage was the best so we could build a family together. Everything was fine until after my son was diagnosed with Autism. It became a strain on both of us, leading to never ending arguments, no sex and eventually, and I regret this everyday, me walking out with another man. We have been separated for nearly a year, during which I dated two different men and he dated a woman that he still had feelings for from his past. She recently left him and things have not only been more civil between us with her gone, but I realize how much I miss him and still deeply love him. We have not talked about repairing the relationship because I know what he would say at that point and that would be no. He has instead talked about us just being, excuse my french, **** buddies since we both really enjoyed things in the bedroom. I really need help here. I am seriously considering sleeping with him to see if I can win him back and to see if it maybe stirs up any emotions he might still have for me. He broke down and told me how much he had loved me the last time I had visitation with my son. I want my family back and am willing to do anything to get it, even therapy or whatever need be to make him content. I need some advice though. Should I sleep with him and see if he feels anything or try to go at it a different way? Please do not judge me, he is only the second man I have ever been with and he was my first and only real love, not to mention he is the father of my amazing son.
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I was having a boyfriend. We were known for long time and we promised we will be together for ever. Both of us are married and not satisfied with the present spouse. But because of some misunderstanding I quarreled with him and humiliated him in front of his friends. After that I realized my mistake and apologized with him. He told me he will try to forget everything. After that we met again he promised me everything happened because of misunderstanding and now we will be together for ever.But after some while, we never met each other. no proper communication from him for 1 month. But for me he is my everything. He is the only one who gave such a good satisfaction in my life. I wanted him. I wanted us to meet, to have sex, to love each other again. He is very good.and l know He was made for me. But some hindrance keep keeping us apart. i tried to get close to him but nothing was working out until one day i heard about a spell caster called
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Just a little update, we are currently working on our marriage and it looks promising. To all those who judged me, I left out how he was sleeping with another married woman and that is the reason I left. I have forhiven him and he me and we are slowly mending our family.

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Once a person is married and has a sex life it is really hard to put the genie back in the bottle. You desiring him is normal. I don't know if sex is the best way to bring feelings back. Sex by itself the feelings are physical only. After the act there is nothing there. So don't be surprised if you go down that road and nothing happens.