One Day At A Time

At the end of October of 2011, I came back from a business trip and I was angry at my wife, my life and everything else. I told my wife we needed to separate for a while. It was the hardest thing for me to do but I couldn't stay at home. I was wanting to divorce my wife because for far to long i felt her mother came before me and her mother has my wife on a string. My mom said wait three months before filing. In those three months I cane to grip with my anger as the emotion of losing a father as a teenager, mother nearly died on Christmas day due to heart problems and in the 2.5 years of being married losing 6 close relatives and 2 classmates just simply overwhelmed me. My wife did try to help some but not really. The day I lost my grandmother she thought it was more important to go see her mother who had a headache. Fast forward to February, God really transformed my life and see things in a different way. My wife thought I was gone forever and tried to move on by filing for divorce. She was seeing a male friend from 10 years back. Personally for a time I was friendly with two women but stopped when God got control of me. I pleaded with my wife to at least put the divorce on hold. Thank God our hearing dates have been put on hold. My wife did stop her relationship when I told her I loved her and wanted to reconcile. Yet she keeps telling me her heart is not there any more and she just wants space and time to think. I am honoring her request but praying I haven't lost her forever. She still have many momentos and a few pictures of me still up where she Is staying but has not attempted to contact me. I don't want to disrespect her and contact her but I feel not keeping the communication lines open will pull us apart. From a female perspective, should I give her time, attempt contact or walk away? I still deeply love her and deep in my heart I know she loves me but is scared of heartbreak again. I know I won't leave again but is it too late?
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Similar situation here ... Prayers for you both.

Have you talked to her mother about your feelings ? Until that is resolved you still have a giant elephant in the room.

Don't give up on her. My husband and I are going through a similar situation. If he would take one step toward me and fight for me I would be the happiest woman in the world. I'm sure she still loves you. She probably has a lot of anxiety, you'll just have to show her that you will be there to protect and love her forever. Best of luck

Fight for her, don't gave up! Goog luck

do'nt ever feel too late to fix things before you see this video