So Far No Luck

I'm trying to sell my house myself, with no agent.  I put a sign in the front yard about a month ago.  Three groups of people have come for a look, and one seemed very interested, but--no offers.  I keep hearing that this is a slow real estate market, and I believe it.  Most of the houses I saw for sale when I first started thinking about doing this are still available.  

I'm not advertising at all besides having the sign up, because I'm not in a big hurry.  I still haven't found a house I want to move to.  I do want to move eventually, as a matter of convenience and caring for the environment, because I spend a lot of time in another area of town, 7.5 miles away.  I don't like the time I spend driving either. 

When it happens, it'll happen.   The person will come by who really wants this house, the way I did when I first saw it.  I still like it and have some mixed feelings about moving, but feel I should make the effort to get closer to my favorite pastimes.  There are nice houses over there--just not for sale right now.  



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Uugghh. This totally blows. Hard for people to move on with their lives when the market is so bad. Hopefully we both have some luck in the near future.

HAhahahahaha.... no. But as I looked around, I realized there was no place available that was better, and many that were worse. <br />
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I took down the for sale sign several weeks ago.

Were you able to sell your house?

Thanks, Constant. Thanks for ALL your comments. I've enjoyed them.

I wonder if there's a free website or circular which you could advertise your home and possibly the trade of homes with another person who wants to be where you are that is now located where you want to be ... it sounds silly, however, I've heard about this in other countries and I understand it works smashingly ...<br />
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It's something to look into anyway ...<br />
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Good luck!