Trying Is The Key Word Here....

Trying is the Key word in this Story. I am trying to stop Cutting. I have a goal to go 100 days without cutting, when I get to a 100 days, I want to get a new Piercing, and when I get to 200 days without cutting, I want to get a new Tattoo. A way to reward myself. As of right now, I am only on day 3 of no cutting, but eventually, I will get to a 100 days without cutting. I am not going to say its going to be easy, becasue its not, but I am trying my hardest to beat this bad habbit.

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

you can do it, i believe in u.<br />
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i'm trying as well, and yes it is very hard. i'm here if u need to talk more about it

For 3 years I struggled with it. Mostly burning, but I've cut myself too. But you know what, I don't regret it. It helped me through tough times, but now I know that it was hurting me more than it was helping. I'll always remember it, my body will always have the scars, but I've found other ways to deal with it. And so will you sweetie. *hugs*

I know it's hard, but it can be done! I've been without SI since the 20th of October! You can do it honey, you're strong enough to get through this, 100 days go past really fast when you don't really think of it.