How And Why Did This Happen?

I met my fiance at a gas station where he worked September 2011. I hessitated to go out with him because he was much younger and he was Nigerian. I heard stories of Nigerian men coming to this country seeking a wife. He turned out to be a nice sweet guy. The age issue was soon forgotten. We began to date regulary. I introduced him to my friends and family. we went to all the african partys and celebrations. after four months he proposed to me. I felt a little funny about it at first, but then excitment set in. I began planning a wedding. He said lets just do something little and celebrate later. I agreed, but did not give it much thought because i was still unsure. He asked me again in june to have a small ceremony. a courthouse marriage. We applied for the marriage liscense June 12, 2012. It was good for 60 days. I found out his student visa expired March 31, 2012. this is why he was pushing for a quick wedding. The license expired August 12 I asked him if he wanted to apply again he said yes. That weekend was normal we did all the usual things. That Monday morning I prepared for work as always. He got up with me and let the dog out. He kissed me and told me to have a good day. He said we would talk throughout the day. I never heard from him. I got home from work there was a note and the house key on the dresser. I felt like someone had died. I have never felt so much pain in my life. I finally realized that he wanted to marry for citizenship and used love to get it by any means necessary. He won't answer my calls or text. The last time I talked to him he blamed me said I screwed up and he was going back to his country. I am hurt and embarrased.
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It is not at all your fault. I'm not very sure what to say but it seems he was using you. You deserve better!