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Im trying to get my mind right ive been married 10 years last week and after many ups and downs Im not sure why im still here there hasnt been much love in the last few years and I dont know how to get it back every time I make an effort she either thinks im sucking up and lying or both she tells me very little about what shes thinking or feeling and has been rarely intimate
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The first year of living together can be the most stressful period. I am not married but have been in a long term relationship so I think I qualify.<br />
We need to make sure that we always communicate. relationships require tender loving care. Be the first to go to her and make up even what it is not your fault. It makes a whole load of good. To kiss and make up is nice. Very nice.

I do love you very much, and always will :)<br />
You are my husband and I married you because I love you and 11 years later still do.<br />
I want to thank you for loving me. You have been the most stressful and alive and cherished part of my life!<br />
I know I can be a difficult person to live with, and I am sorry.<br />
Perhaps now I know what has happened to me health wise, I can get well :).<br />
But I need you to understand and be patient.<br />
I am an intelectual person who needs to express them self.. I need to writer it is like therapy for me. I combine truth, half truth, fiction reality, religion you name it.<br />
I have discennected form myself and therefore all around me. I am trying to find my place mentally in the world. Emotionally I am WITH YOU!<br />
There are things I have to give up that are fundamental to me, and that hurts!<br />
It is like admitting defeat to an enemy = illness.<br />
Once was a young vibrang energitic young beautiful girl, with dreams and aspirations...<br />
Is now a broken old lady full of sorrow for things like typing this hurt like hell.<br />
At night I go to sleep ans thing "Oh thank God (if any) I can switch off and feel nothing.<br />
I am fighting it I am ..Believe me I want to be well and live and smile again.

It sounds like she has disconnected her feelings. Has she been acting like that for long?