You Need To Just Do It!

First you write, then write some more. Out of that writing an idea may form. Once the idea forms, just keep writing until you have all the ideas and details you will need for writing an outline. Especially if you are writing a plot your outline should be outlining events that happened because this happened because that happened. Then your outline is like a list of writing prompts. Write from one part of your outline to the next until you are finished with your rough draft. Do not fix the first chapter a million times or even once during the first draft process, however, I do recommend taking notes about what you might want to add/ takeout for the revision that comes after writing the first draft. And definitely do not, I repeat, do not get hung up on the technical grammar, spelling perfection so many think they have to get right right now. It will only be a distraction. First write from the heart. Then write from the head. After your second draft is finished and you have the whole story with everything added and everything taken out just the way you want it, then and only then begin making sure all gramatical errors and misspellings are corrected. I am writing a book, and I noticed that whenever other stories I would write didn't get finished it was because I spent time trying to perfect my first draft as I went along. There really is no worse time waster though. I hope this helps someone!!
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I think it will be great to put all your thoughts and reasoning etc to pen and paper