Written In Cold Blood.

I've been trying to get inspired to write something really creepy and up until now i just had no luck. But OH, DIVINE CONSPIRACY!!!!!! Msi never fails me . NEVER EVER EVER. I recomend you listen to them, if you wanna. And please don't comment to tell me how horrible my tastes in music ar. I just like what i like. Anyway, just wanted to write,and since the idea iskinda amorphous right now... Sooo yeah, just wanted to move my fingers.It's gonna be good, i promise to try hard.  Oh, and yeah, the title is the name of the song. Wnna hear a joke? Wht did the mustard say when it was left behind?

Mustard: Don't worry! I'l ketchup to ya!!!!!!

Looooooooool. You don't like? Well, too bad for you. I got a laugh outta that one. My best wishes to all you wannabe writers who can't seem to write ****. God, it was a tough time.
And here's a link:

sayonaranow sayonaranow
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013