For ages I have been saying I am going to stop smoking so last night I ran out of cigarettes and I didnt have any for 15 hours and for a 20 a day smoker thats hard to do so just now I had lit one and it made me feel bad so I put it out now I'll try not to smoke all night and see how I do its a big hing for me because for most my life I have been a smoker and the only times I stopped is during pregnancy and the early years of my childrens lives.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

good luck.keep going u can do it!!

I was just 12 when I started and I'm 32 now while I quit I think my bf will join me cos he wants to stop too and between us we spend over £3600 a year

that is good that you are trying to quit. i'm sure that you can do it. after not smoking for a little bit, when you do light one up, you should notice that it tastes disgusting, because after a certaina amount of hours, your sense of smell and taste start to reccuperate and you can really tell a difference, and hopefully that will help you to not want to smoke again. good luck to you. i'm hoping to get my boyfriend to stop smoking, he's been smoking since he was 15 and is now 27. i know its gonna be a long road for him