And I Never Knew Her Name.

I was sitting in a **** theater in San Diego. The ***** Cat outside 32nd street gate. I forget what was playing, I just remeber my **** was rock hard as I was rubbing it through my jeans. Suddenly someone came over and sat in the seat next to me. At first I was perturbed that my plans for shooting a big load in my pants was interupted. Then I noticed that it was a woman. She was very fat, and her **** were enormous. But most of all, she smelled of hot wet *****. Thats a pretty big accomplishment considering all the smells of mens *** and **** in that place. She looked at me and smiled, I noticed she had a bit of facial hair but her eyes darted to my crotch and my hardon became like a steel post. I decided what the hell and unzipped my jeans, setting my aching member free. She quietly giggled in a hoarse gruff kind of way and her eyes lit up with a devilish light as she reached for my ****. Her hand was cool and soft, but she gripped it like it was going to get away. After a couple of minutes, I wanted to *** but I wanted to grab some of those big ****. I reached out and grabbed her right *** and noticed immediately that she didn't have a bra on. She chuckled again and glanced around and pulled her *** out of here tank top. I couldn't have cared less if there was anyone watching or not, all i could see was her big brown nipple. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "suck my ***, and I will suck your ****." I didn't need any more encouragement than that. I was in heaven, I had a big fat *** in my mouth, a hand stroking my hard on, and the smell of her ***** was driving me crazy. Her hand was growing more frantic on my **** the harder I sucked on her ***. Just as I couldn't take it anymore, she let out a low squeal and dove for my ****. I thought my shaft was going to melt from the heat of her mouth after the coolness of her hand, but I managed to hold off blowing my nut juice into her mouth. That is until I thought about spreading those big *** cheeks of hers apart and **** her ******* in front of the entire theater. Thats when my **** erupted and shot glob after glob of my stickey *** down her throat. Just as she licked the last dribble of *** off of my still hard ****, the lights in the theater came back up. She giggled, and covered her *** with her flimsy top, and said, "wow, just in time." I chuckled nervously myself ans said, "I want to **** you hard." She smiled, and said, "I'm sorry lover, but the shows over." She crab walked sideways out of the isle and out of the theater. I said what the hell and followed her out the door. But that's a different story.
mechmon mechmon
May 6, 2012