The 1st Time I Seen Them

This is not only my 1st story in here it is my 1st on it goes hope you like it.
This past summer while at the local lake I was at the camp ground seting up ny tent when I heard a woman's voice come up behind me say hi can you help me I turned around and wow there is this smoking hot 5' 6" red head and 44 dd's and nipples the size of a silver dollar in a bathing suit top and hardly any nipple covered with what thay say is fabric lol. she says to be can you help me i was trying to look into her eyes but **** i love ****.she told me ha in need help with my camp fire so i went and she had no camp fire so I built one she had a r.v. she went in brought us out a drink and as she watched me build the fire and get it going i keep looking up and she keep opening her legs I said ok to myself go get it so I did we ****** till morning like rabbits I went to talk a shower and when i got back she was gone never to be seen again. thank you dear lady for a wonderfull night.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Great story...But no phone # ... No I;m comin' back next week? Nothin? Dammm I feel your Pain Baby

yea I know the things we should have thought of lol.