Bottomless Girl Sighting

In 1981 I went on holiday to the South of France with my parents - I was 19 - and one day I rented a pedal boat to explore the beaches near our hotel. I rounded a bay and saw that there was a nude beach there. OK, I had seen nude and topless beaches before, but standing on this one with her hands on her hips was a gorgeous blonde girl, probably early 20s, wearing nothing but a green and white striped string bikini top, No bottoms at all, and you could see that she was a "natural blonde"! I must have been only about 15 feet away, and I waved to her. She waved and laughed, then turned round (showing her lovely rounded bottom) and ran off bottomless along the beach. That was my first bottomless sighting and also my most memorable, simply because it was so unexpected and of course in a public place!
boobert boobert
46-50, M
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