She Saw Me Naked

When I was 15, I worked at the same resturant as my friend. After work, lots of times we would go to his house and crash as he lived only a block away from our job. His mom was in her thirties and sexy with a thick set of legs and big, but nice ***. She was a teacher but I never had her as I was in a different school district. He lived in the apartment with his mom and his sister, who was also sexy. I would tell my friend that his mom was hot, and it was the only thing that really pissed him off, so I dropped it.
Well lots of times at the resturant, one of us would get out of work earlier than the other. When this happened I would go to his house alone. This happened enough so that it was no big deal.
I got to his house around 1 am and went to take a shower. Again, nothing unusual there. I walked to my friend's room with a towel trying not to make any noise as his sister and mother were asleep. I was drying myself off and i started to play with myself standing by the mirror.
Well his mom was not asleep, she was out on a date and came back a bit drunk. She heard me walking around in the room and came in to say hello. I am pretty sure she didn't try to catch me, as she had no idea who would be in the room, me or he son, but regardless, she walked in on me standing there *******.
I jumped and she shut the door quick. I went to grab the towel and she opened the door again and said she thought it was her son in there. I could see she was a bit drunk by her slurred speach, but was still shocked. I had fantasied about her seeing me naked, but to have it happen so unexpectedly was a shock.
I covered myself and she asked when her son was getting home and stood there talking to me. I was still hard and it was going down. I said was going to get dressed and she said its ok, I was like a son to her. After an awkward minute or so, I put down the towel and walked over for my underwear. I was hard again at this point and she stood there looking at me the whole time. I got dressed for bed and she only left whe we heard the door opening with her son coming home.
After that she always looked at me differently and I planed a few ways for her to catch me naked again.
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You should have ****** her sensless, she wanted it.

How about the sister?

We saw each other naked quite a few times. Fool around more than once over time too.

you could hold her boobs

I wish!

so hot add me please

Yes we did. I was showering at her house, while my friend was still sleeping. She came into the bathroom wearing only a tshirt and panties. She said she really had to pee, and dropped her panties and sat on the toilet. I had the shower curtain about halfway open so we could clearly see each other. The floor was wet from the shower spray, so she let her painties drop off her as they got wet from the floor. So she got up, with nothing on below and faced me for a second while talking. She turned and walked out, leaving the door wide open.
When I got out of the shower, she came in naked, so we were both naked and said she was in a hurry and jumped in the shower. Her whole family was pretty lax with nudity in the house, so I didn't take it as flirty or sexual at the time.

I got up early while sleeping over their house and I sneaked downstairs and I saw her topless in her room. I walked by a few times very quite, and then I said good morning. I wanted her to know I saw her. She jumped, but turned to me and said good morning back, still topless. She was holding her bra, about to put it on, but she just put it down and asked if I was staying for breakfast and what time I was leaving. Neither of us acknowledged that she was half naked. This was about a year later so I was hard, as any 16 year old would be.<br />
I was wearing briefs, so my **** was straining against my tighty whities. <br />
<br />
We talked until she finished dressing and I got dressed. When I came downstairs we had breakfast.

Did you ever see each other naked at the same time?

I saw her in a bra a few times, she was not shy about that. And one time she was pretending to be a bratty kid, and I smacked her ***. She just stopped and looked at le funny. Had I been older, I would have realised that she loved it and was suprised.

All of this is great, write more though. There have to be more encounters, definitely without clothes...

did u ever see her?

The next time we met was the next morning. She acted like nothing had happened. Which was good. It took me a few more weeks of obessing about her seeing me to try it again. I was showering at her house, again after work. I made sure there were no towels in the bathroom but showered anyway. When I was done, I poked my head out the door and she was watching tv. I asked if she minded me running past, and she laughed. She said no, and I ran out of the bathroom naked. I was hard and my **** bounced as I ran through the room. She laughed the whole time.