Just A Thought For An Early Hot Morning

It has been a hot summer, hotter then in the last few years.
Clothing has been hard to wear here at home and with you living here
not necessary. The renovations to our bathroom are set to be completed in a couple of days. The new jacuzzi tub will be so nice and the double shower will make playtime for us even more enjoyable.
the burly work men have been driving you wild and you have been doing the same, suntanning in next to nothing by the pool in full view of the window they are working behind.
You have mentioned how you like the thoughts of their hot sweaty bodies as you **********, feeling their hairy chests against your back as they **** you hard, these thoughts always giving you nice massive *******.
Finally the day came for the work to be completed, I start the final inspection. I call you into the room, since I had the work done for you. I felt you should be the judge of the final work. You enter wearing your long loose tshirt and thong. The shirt is long enough to cover but if you bend too far the lower cheeks of your *** will show. Its your fav lazy shirt and you wear it when ever you are home with me.
The large bathroom seems almost cramped with the 4 men in there and you have to squeeze between them to get into the room. You feel your nipples tighten as you brush against them.
Looking around and touching everything you say you think its all good, and turn to walk away. I tell you to stop, that I expect you to test everything out. since we have to be sure everything works before final payment is issued. You seem almost shocked at my request, but you comply and return to my side.
The smiles on the mens faces are a sign of their agreement with my idea. I tell you to ***** off your clothing and try out the shower.
You are visibly shaking as you lift your shirt over your head. Your nipples sticking out like pencil erasers dragging against the fabric as it slides across them. The men are really enjoying the show as they stand there, the large bulges in their pants evidence of your effect on them. You turn to slide your tiny thongs off, they seem to pop over your *** cheeks and leave a trail of wetness,You utter a low moan when you pull them from between your ***** lips. Then they fall to your ankles and step out of them one foot at a time. You open the shower stall glass door and step in side. Turning on the water the cold hits you and you let a small shriek out from the shock. You place your hands both on the door framing your body like a painting. The shower starts to warm quickly showing the professionalism of the plumber, steam quickly forms on the glass walls as you soap up your body paying special attention to the special areas. I turn to the plumber and ask if he would like his tip now. He smiles a huge smile and asks if its a joke, I tell him "NO, if the rest of the work is as good as his then everyone will be getting a tip". This causes quiet a stir among the rest of the men. He grabs his buckle and drops his pants, pulling his shirt over his head he starts for the shower and your naked body.
He opens the door and you turn and reach for his hard ****, although not impressive its still a nice size and you get on your knees and start sucking,. easily taking him all in your mouth he lasts but a few seconds and erupts down your throat. This causes a laugh from the other three men who say Poor Pauly never could keep control of his lil man hahaha.
You come out of the shower and look very disappointed saying you're not happy, that he couldn't fill your needs and ask who can. The oldest man, a kindly looking man about 50. pushes another towards ya saying Young Johnny here can try, my love but he might not be any better then Pauly. You look at him and drop to your knees ripping open his pants and pulling his hard **** out, Bigger then Paulys its about 7 inches and nice and thick. Still not as big as you want but still nice, having a large purple head and circumcised so its got the ridges you like.
You suck him into your throat again like Pauly , having watched you for the past few months his dreams are coming true. he grabs you head and starts ******* your mouth like its a *****. Occasionally gagging you only makes him force it harder into your hot mouth. He pulls your hair hard and your eyes water from the feeling. Pauly is hard again and starts pinching your nipples from behind. Like a well trained **** you lift your *** from the floor and bend at the hips allowing him to feast on your hot wet ****. You can feel the bristles from his bearded face against your sensitive thighs, his nose pressing into your *******. It rubbing causes your sphincter to open and the tip of his nose starts entering you. You press back hard against his mouth enjoying the feeling. This causes Johnny to pull you back onto his **** again. Bringing you into a nice ******* motion. back and forth.
Pauly soon stands and pushes his **** against your *****. it slides into your slick wet **** fast, deep to the hilt, and the pounding soon starts. True to his reputation Pauly is soon moaning about coming soon, you hear this and pull away from him and drop you *** to the floor again, reaching for his **** you pull him close to your mouth and start sucking him and Johnny, one then the other.
The older man then shoves Davey forward saying Old buddy shes got a hole free again, Davey says You do her Wayne, but the older man says Nope dont want to stretch her too much before you get there my friend. Davey steps forward and slips out his larger impressive ****. I lean forward and whisper into your ear to hang on, you start stroking the two men in your hands even faster, as Davey lines up his **** with your little *****. It takes a bit of force but he manages to get it into you. grabbing your hips he starts sliding it into you inch by inch til its all in you. You start to buck like a wild woman, as you start ******* again. The juices from your ****** running down your legs and puddling on the floor between your spread legs. This urges Davey to **** you harder, slamming into your sweet young *****. ravaging you like never before. The feeling of you coming causes Pauly and Johnny co start to ***, their ***** swelling in your hands. You jam both ***** into your open mouth to try and get all the *** you can in your mouth and down your throat.
They fill your mouth quickly, you swallow as much as you can, yet some drips onto the newly tiled floor christening it for many times to follow.
You look at me and smile, knowing you are MY **** and that your getting all your dreams to come true since we met, You smile the smile of a satisfied woman. and look to Wayne the oldest of the group and say come here. He smiles ear to ear and the large bulge in his pants. greets you as he steps forward. Between slams from Daveys large ****, you try to open his trousers. He grabs your fumbling hands and says "Love... you might need some help with this one".
Your eyes widen as Wayne HUGE **** falls out of his pants. its clearly the largest **** you have even seen. at least 11 inches long and larger around then your hand will reach.
You try to fit it into your mouth, but theres just no way. Its just too big, You slide off of Daveys **** and turn to him and say, I need that one inside me now. Wayne grabs your *** cheeks and pulls them apart hard. rubbing the head of his **** against your folds, it lubes up fast. as your juices are flowing down your legs again.
He slides it in painfully slowly allowing you to adjust to the size. Davey patiently waits for him to be in you so he can fill your stretched mouth.

I step forward and start rubbing your ******* causing your ***** to spasm and stretch easing his entry, your moans getting louder and louder. Finally he has pushed all the monster into you he can..... He slowly slides it in and out with the mastery of years he possesses, ******* you at an agonizingly slow pace, careful not to hurt you with the monster **** he has.
You start sucking at Daveys still hard **** again, making loud slurping noises. You moans increase in volume and pleasure with each penetrating thrust. I can feel his huge **** in your ***** from inside your *** as I continue to thrust two fingers into it.You reach back and grab my **** through my pants. Pulling me closer to you, you take Daveys **** out of your mouth long enough to shout I want you in me.
Thats all I needed to hear... I yank off my pants and you start stroking my hardening **** with your hand as you suck more on Daveys ample member.
Wayne asks if he can have your *** as well, I say No thats only for me. He obliges and says Im a lucky man to own such a good lil girl.
I say shes not done yet. I tell you to get ready for your dream. You pop Daveys **** out and say "really?" I say if your ready.
You slide off of Waynes throbbing meat, and ask me to lay on the ground. Getting yourself ready you straddle me and reach down and grab my ****, rubbing it against your *******. Wet from my fingers and your many *******. it easily slips into your *** and soon is deep in as it will go, you lean back and ask Wayne to give you the monster again, As he kneels down. I can feel the massive **** start to enter your widely stretched *****. davey comes closer and you grab his **** and start to kiss it again, As soon as it touches your lips you have another earth shattering ******, Your eyes roll back in your head and your juices fly from your ***** soaking my legs and ***.
The ****** causes Wayne to start to *** as well and his massive **** spews forth a huge load, so large it squirts out past your stretched **** lips. Davey shouts hes about to blow at the same time filling your mouth with more delicious ***, dripping out of your mouth as you try to swallow it all. My own impending ****** starts from the other two and I start to buck hard into your ***. unloading another massive shot deep into your bowels.

You pass out from your ******, and fall back against me. Wayne and Davey ease you down onto the floor, spent my still semi hard **** slides out of your *** leaving a trail of *** as it does.
The four men and myself stand around you admiring your *** covered body. Your lips have a huge smile on them and you look completely content. Like a little girl asleep in her bed dreaming of Christmas morning. The men dress and leave thanking me for my hospitality, I pay them each in turn assuring them if I need more work done I will surely call them.
I return to find you still on the tiled floor just coming back to consciousness, I start the bath and add your favorite bubble-bath.
As the tub fills I help you to your feet and sit you on the edge of the stairs to the jacuzzi, I kiss your lips. The first kiss you had since entering the bathroom, I tell you how proud of you I am. Then I pick you up and set you into the hot bath to relax your muscles.
You smile and drift off in content relaxation, enjoying the jets against you sore arms and legs... knowing your are loved, and that I will make your dreams all come true...
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