I am super ticklish in my armpits, they're my worst spot. I love predicament tickling type situations. Like I'm holding a big tray of drinks over my head, wearing a sleeves shirt and having my armpits lightly tickled and stroked while trying to keep holding the tray up. I say lightly bc if they were tickled hardcore I would drop the tray immediately and would have no chance, lol! I also love the idea of being tied in a doorway with my arms up having my armpits and ribs tickled. ;)
thatdrizzygrl thatdrizzygrl
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6 Responses Aug 19, 2014

I can tickle you like this ;)

Sounds fun ...love predicament tickling..

u ever mix ****** play with tickling? hehe

Message me so we can hopefully make this all happen ;)

Those kinds of situations can certainly up the excitement factor indeed!

do you role play? add/message me!