I really want to find a man who is into ticking I am I am. When I get married, I want him to like tickling too so we can go to dinner at night and he will pull my foot I to his lap, slip off my shoe and lightly stroke and tickle my foot as I try not to laugh. Or when we go to the movies, he pulls both my feet into his lap and tickles them through out the movie, increasing the intensity during louder parts where I can giggle and not be heard. I want to incorporate tickling in our sex life and be surprised with it all the time. Having a man who isn't into it kinda sucks :/
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Your a ticklees dream!

Why thank you ;)

I've done the movie tickle as well as the out to eat tickle...both so much fun!

Agreed, I love being tickled by men too~ it's such a intense experience. Being bi, I have a girlfriend and she's the best, but it'd be nice to be tickled by a man. Sadly the men whove tickled me recently go way too soft, as if I was gonna break. I want to find a man who would pounce me and tickle me till I'm crying. No mercy. <3

And your girlfriend would be cool with that?

Er, yeah~ lol. We're kind of in an open relationship when it comes to kink especially. There's absolutely no way my lil short bod can capture everything that dominance and control has to offer. I have my energy and it's our energy and we get messy in it... but to think I can be the prism of all things is too much, and that she be expected to hone her life expectations on my part of the spectrum is far too unacceptable. It isn't always easy, but we make it work. ^^

I am too!

We share those two fantasies. :)


Men who like such things may be in short supply, but the internet makes them much easier to find, I'd guess. Good luck!

add me if you like

I can't because if your privacy settings. You'll have to add me

I am your man for sure! I'd enjoy doing all those things and more. I'd tickle your feet where ever I could